over connected...

....Or just connected?

Its odd that I write this post via my BlackBerry. None the less here goes.

I have a face book page, 2 email accounts, 2 blogs, and a Twitter account and I have many friends who blow that out of the water! Are we over connected? is there such thing?

I really feel that there is a fine line here and I have had to ask myself the question, "is it a status thing?" " Do I want to come across as well known or popular with all the friends that I have accumulated on face book and twitter?" "Am I after some sort of recognition or self worth in all of this?"

Generations before us got along great without any of this. In fact, I would argue better! Reason being is that they didn't have 20 different ways to back out of an obligation (without confrontation) like we have now.

I think its based on the person really. If all of it went away tomorrow would you be alright? How would you get along?

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Seth Schipinski said...

Ryan, we are ABSOLUTELY over-connected! And I'm glad you are choosing to take a not-so-"cool" position by talking about this topic. If we were robots, then living off of cell phones and the internet would be great. But Americans today (namely those <20) are getting to the point where they go through their days with as little human contact as possible. Even when they are at dinner, the movie theater, etc., they are texting, texting, TEXTING when they should be enjoying the company of their friends and family! MAKE IT STOP, PLEASE! haha now that I'm thinking about it, maybe we should get together instead of just having INTERNET contact! it's just not the same, Ryan. It's just not. :D