What if....

....Jesus is God? Or what if His love and grace was/is for you?

It's a horrid thought to me that people would reject the love of God.

Mind, will and emotion are the faculties of the soul. We are eternal beings. Its our decision as to which eternity we go.

What if Heaven is real? Or Hell? And you die and miss Heaven?

The worst part of eternal separation from God (Hell) is the fact that you'll have the eternal knowledge that you put yourself there.

Standing before your Creator you'll have to answer for what you did with Jesus Christ, what you did with the salvation given freely to you.

The chose is ours (yours) what will you do?


A right side up mentality.

This thought, or way of living, has been on my mind for some time now.

When we live for God we're living our lives properly, rightside up. However, when we live in sin (or what the world will tell you is normal: Ref Romans 1:18-23) and seperate ourselves from God's love that's upside down.

You see, we we're made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26) and to live for God and through God. Then and only then do we live life the way God intended.

Confusion. That is the number one thing I see in people not living for God. Always pursuing what they desire and want. But this is fleeting. Time rips apart the "well laid plans of man" and the things that we build or lives on. Confusion sets in. The questions begin to flow and the wonder of something greater or more meaningful arises.

God offers zero confusion when we live for His glory. The world gives nothing but confusion.


A Nobel Peace Prize?!?!???!!!!!!!! For realz!?!?

What the.....I am absolutely speechless on this one!

What has he done to warrant this award? He hasn't reformed health care. He has only created a larger deficit and plagued future generations with a massive burden of debt. He hasn't gotten the troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan. In fact, he's sending more.

So what in the world has Obama done?!

It seems to me that catch words like "hope" and "change" backed with a Harvard bravado wrapped in a tailored Burberry suit get awards.

Interestingly enough I too support hope and change. I too wish to see things happen that result in good things that produce hope and eventually change things for good. Vote me in Nobel committee!!!!

Kissinger got it for helping to end the Vietnam war. Teddy Roosevelt earned it for forging a crucial negotiation that created a peace settlement in the Russo-Japanese War, and President Wilson for the creation of and advocacy for the League of Nations.

At a loss for words now. Much love to www.cnn.com for the info. I'm out!



God is moving amongst His church and its exciting. New faces and deeper friendships.
I have seen the importance of being unified and being family. To stay connected with God and with one another. Its awesome to see and share life with God's people. Richmond is my city and God has unbelievable things for her!