....written the summer of 2006

//i try to forget/try to move past/lied to and held to the desires of hell/held to and falling to the wounds of the past/this world won't let me move on//

//i want to move past/i want to press on/i want to rise above this feeling of disease/rise above/rise above/rise above//

//seeking and falling/reaching and failing/time and time over and again i seek and find the quick fix/i strive not for the right but walk in the night/light hurts these eyes that wish to see to see the face that redeemed me//

//my one desire to have one wish to loose myself from this curse/I've tasted whats real/I've felt the truth/i know what's wrong but i must choose//


no compromise

this is something that was written while i was deployed in the north atlantic during the summer of 2006. it was, and is, how i feel. enjoy.

//no compromise/no need to divide the things that make us come alive//

/no sacrifice of greater price can replace the day you gave to me/with blood soaked hands and empty eyes/you had to die so i might live//

/will i die for this temporary remedy?//

//i no longer want this quick fix of corruption/my thirst is not satisfied with your empty cup of deception/wanting more and needing more/i face this day with open arms no longer afraid of the flames//


the liberal agenda?

One of the soap boxes of the Democratic Party in this last years election was the full with drawl of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have personally spoke with people whom support this action. Their base ideology is that they (Democrats) do not back war because of the killing and the lose of innocent life. I don't support or even like war. Sometimes however you do have to make peace. So it could easily be said that the Democratic Party doesn't support war due to death, killing and senseless murder.

President Obama has recently "un-forzen" funds that will go to help aid and assist abortion clinics, doctors etc....overseas. He, President Obama, also supports partial birth abortions and infanticide.

So no war, because of senseless death, killings and murder but don't you dare infringe on someone's choice to kill, murder or take the life of a helpless, defenseless, unborn child.



can't say

No seriously....I have no idea what to "title" this post. Ahhh what's it matter, here goes...

So much has been changing with me, and around me, as of this last year that I scarce can take it in. Its so much and so quick but that is often how God works with, and in, an obedient heart.

Some dear friends of mine moved to Montana to pursue the call of God on their lives. This was not an easy thing to deal with but at the end of the day I find more and more that its not about me. They're chasing after God and building the Kingdom, that is what matters.

With their move came a transition of leadership in the church and it was done with such grace and organization, although the blow was still felt, it was significantly lessened. And through all of this I have been (among many others) propelled to step up in a leadership capacity and in my (our) personal walk with God.
The Lord has been stretching me more and more everyday.

On top of that comes another change in this landscape of life...my family is leaving California and moving out to Richmond. Multiple reasons really, the economy is horrid out that way, and they want to be close to my wife and I. So that development is exciting and joyfully challenging all at the same time.

In all things I see that God is so incredibly good to myself, my family and friends. I pray that God be glorified in my life everyday that I have left.

God Bless.


big day...of sorts

Today is a big day because I am blogging from my new BlackBerry, oh yeah and Obama is getting inaugurated. All joking aside I have mixed emotions today about all the hype. I live about an hour + away from DC and the craziness started last week. DC was, and is, shut down to all traffic. Rightfully so, I cannot imagine the security nightmare on this day, no thanks.

Whether you like Obama or not, I don't care for the guy myself, not to fond of his policies, today is a historical day. I am very proud that we finally do have a Black President, its great! However, I can't get over the fact that people are allowing themselves to be blinded by the weight of the day. He is still a left wing radical. Once again, have we forgotten Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko and all of the hate speech that has been intertwined into this man's life???

Now, if you can believe this, I am praying for my new President and truly hoping the best for him and his family. I read Romans 13:1-7 and I am compelled too pray and obey all authority...read it, its good stuff.

So to the coming President (like he is going to read this) I hope only the best for you and your coming four years. I am a Christian first, an American second and a Republican last. I care for my country, I served it for four years of my life and I hope, pray, and strive to make it better. My prayer is you do a great job and that you surprise the RNC!

God Bless.


my bike

just wanted to brag a bit really. this is my bike. isn't she gorgeous? wish that was my car as well. ah well, can't have everything.



...its where i belong.

had you have told me some years ago that i would have ended up here i would have thought you mad. however, this is where i fit, where i belong.

all of my life i have been moving all over the west coast. (Oregon, Washington, California and Arizona) the product of this moving was the inability to establish roots. i recently heard it said well, "no root no fruit." how vastly applicable that stands in this case.

do i have blood relatives here? no. was i born here? no. do i like the summers here? no! to humid.

what i have discovered as of late is none of these things matter. is family important you bet but i find myself surrounded by family more and more lately, it is awesome how God works.

so this is where i stand, where i fight and live.....Richmond, Virginia.



so where....

...did it all start? or, better yet, how did it all if you don't believe in God or intelligent design?



...for the New Year....well...what are they?

i can't stand ''new years resolutions'', don't know why but i've never been a fan. however i do like to see things through that i set for myself and i guess i do "resolve" to do them.

so the question stands, what are your plans for this new year?