my bike

just wanted to brag a bit really. this is my bike. isn't she gorgeous? wish that was my car as well. ah well, can't have everything.


David Clark said...

you know i think i saw this bike in a movie from the 80's maybe you have seen it??? it's called Pee-Wee's big adventure !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA


CF said...

I'm trying to use the pho-o-ne!

Lee said...

Some evil atheist has stolen your engine... you should be more careful :-)

Nice bike though


Havok said...

This is mine.

CF said...

HAVOK: This is mine.
Ah! Very nice Havok! That's a little more my flavor! I don't know if you live in the states or not, but my brother owns a large Specialized dealer in Huntington Beach, CA. Surf City Cyclery.

Surprisingly they've done pretty well in these hard financial times. They're actually shopping around right now to open a new store.

Havok said...

CF, i'm in Aus.
I had to wait an AGE for my baby to ship out to me, but the wait was certainly worth it :-)

Your brothers store looks very nice *wipes drool from keyboard*
My savings account would not like me to visit it :-)

Lee said...

I'm still not seeing any engines on any of the bikes in 'Surf City Cyclery'.

I think I am in with the wrong crowd :-)

ryan said...

i'm getting ready to ride my baby right now!