...its where i belong.

had you have told me some years ago that i would have ended up here i would have thought you mad. however, this is where i fit, where i belong.

all of my life i have been moving all over the west coast. (Oregon, Washington, California and Arizona) the product of this moving was the inability to establish roots. i recently heard it said well, "no root no fruit." how vastly applicable that stands in this case.

do i have blood relatives here? no. was i born here? no. do i like the summers here? no! to humid.

what i have discovered as of late is none of these things matter. is family important you bet but i find myself surrounded by family more and more lately, it is awesome how God works.

so this is where i stand, where i fight and live.....Richmond, Virginia.


CF said...

I love this city.

ryan said...

as do i bro. its been good to me and God's mercy all the more! i'm excited to see what unfolds in the coming year.

Madison Lloyd said...

haha I'm glad u like VA!

Cara said...

I know you can read my thought here.