no compromise

this is something that was written while i was deployed in the north atlantic during the summer of 2006. it was, and is, how i feel. enjoy.

//no compromise/no need to divide the things that make us come alive//

/no sacrifice of greater price can replace the day you gave to me/with blood soaked hands and empty eyes/you had to die so i might live//

/will i die for this temporary remedy?//

//i no longer want this quick fix of corruption/my thirst is not satisfied with your empty cup of deception/wanting more and needing more/i face this day with open arms no longer afraid of the flames//


CF said...

Do I have your permission to write a song to this? Possibly changing a couple words to make it singable?

ryan said...

Do it bro!

CF said...

I'm done. Just finished. Here's the words. (Let me know if you don't like them) ;-)



No compromise...no need to divide
Things that make us rise
Things that make us come alive

No sacrifice...no greater price
That You had to die
That You make us come alive

With blood stained hands and empty eyes
With outstretched arms You had to die...for me

I no longer want this quick fix of corruption
My thirst is never satisfied swallowing deception
Of wanting more and needing more, fix my corruption

I'll face today, I'm not afraid
With open arms, I will embrace
No compromise, I give my life
And say goodbye to my old life
I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid, not afraid of the flames

Not afraid of the sorrow or pain
Not afraid of the flames
No fear of the darkness or shame
Not afraid of the flames

ryan said...

Sounds good now I will be amazed if we sing it on sunday!! :)

Madison Lloyd said...

Wow..... sounds awesome!!