this is to the atheist but open to anyone.

if there is no heaven and there is no hell, what happens to your soul when you die?

better yet. if the belief is there is no "after-life" then do we even have souls? if there is nowhere for them to go then why have them?



i have made a new blog dedicated to my art work. i don't consider myself anything special but i do like to show it, so check it out. http://rvaart.blogspot.com/ and, please, feel free to drop a little criticism if you like. take it easy.


Aftermath - War of Ages

Light has dawned.I've emerged to hide my face in disgust.Reach for me in that day.Ease the storm that's plagued me.Although we live in darkness, will a torch ever burn and give us light as we close our eyes.We've decided to walk alone, flirting with our arrogance.The clouds roll in as our heads hang.Lord, fill our mouths and our lives with your words.I will life my voice and stand so we may live.And fight the pride that holds me in place.For I am not a slave to my fear.Hide no more and leave your anchors at bay.Surfaced the grave that's buried too deep.Remove the dagger held by my lungs.Hide no more.Become a messenger.Cry out a song of praise that is true.Transform.Become a flesh that's reborn.Take the pride that darkens me.Hear me.For I won't be help down by fear.No one will ever quench my thirst.For I long for a better life.I'll fight


Why abort?

This question has been popping through my mind for last couple of weeks and it astounds me that this is still legal. Why is it okay to kill an Innocent life? Where are that child's rights and why do they start only at a set number of weeks?

My thoughts go like this. I believe that in some cases abortion is used as an out for irresponsibility and for poor planning. It, abortion, has become something of a convenience vs. a life long decision. The psychological toll on the woman is immense and the toll that is taken on the unborn child is death. So this brings me to a rather obvious proposal, give that child up for adoption. In other words, give that child a chance at life instead of making the child pay for your mistake.

Carry the child for nine months and give that life a chance at a potential 80 years of life. I can already see the question that's going to come out of this one; you can't legislate morality!! Yes you can and our culture has been doing it from the beginning. Go murder, rape, steal or embezzle millions and tell the judge that your "morality" says its okay to do these things, see what he says. The same principle applies here. Our society has deemed it permissible to kill off the affects of your decision to have sex. Why is this alright? I say that if you cannot deal with your consequences of your actions you should NOT have the right to murder....it doesn't make sense.



Just these last few days the Bush administration has orchestrated a plan to bail out big investment firms (http://finance.yahoo.com/tech-ticker/article/63460/Biggest-Bailout-Ever-Did-the-Government-Go-Too-Far?tickers=mer,bac,fre,fnm,leh,aig) and other high up corporations such as AIG (American International Group) and many others. This is all being done to the tune of at least 85 billion dollars. Whats this mean for us the taxpayers? That's right, higher taxes and to be honest whether these taxes hit me or not I think its wrong. What my government is telling me is that I can slack on my mortgage and not tend to my bills and the government is going to cut me a check and bail me out as well. I think this is insane to say the least!

atheism equals no accountability

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

: the quality or state of being accountable ; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions
3 a: a statement explaining one's conduct b: a statement or exposition of reasons, causes, or motives c: a reason for an action : basis

I recently wrote, in the posting previous to this that, "Atheism, or anti-theism, is the desire to escape accountability of one's own actions", and I stand by this. The response to this is, "I answer to myself." In other words, "I am accountable to myself." As we see in the definition of this word, account, accountable, and accountability, one cannot be accountable to one's self. If this the case the action of answering to yourself completely negates the meaning of the word. If you are accountable then there must be someone that you answer to. Try telling your employer that you answer to yourself and you will find yourself quickly unemployed. Regardless of your stance on God we are all accountable in our lives, even if we do not acknowledge it.

So this being the case, the question still stands; if there is no God who do you answer to?


On atheism

When an atheist, or an anti-theist, speaks in defence of his/her belief my faith in Jesus Christ strengthens that much more. What is extremely sobering about atheism is the complete lack of substance in any degree and the praise of one's self. If there is no God why live? Another way of saying it; what is there to live for? Atheism, or anti-theism, is the desire to escape accountability of one's own actions. If there is no God to whom do I answer to? Says the atheist. Little do they realize that's it absolute freedom in Christ vs. absolute oppression, as God is so often portrayed.

I also firmly believe that the person who does not believe in God, and makes that fact known, is closer to Christ then they realize. Think about it. If you have ever seen a fight or have had the unfortunate time of being in one, you know that you must be close to your enemy to fight them. The person who tells everyone that they hate God or that God does not exist must, in figurative terms of course, sit in the lap of God in order to slap Him in the face. This brings up yet another issue.

In the book, "God is not great; How religion poisons everything" the author Christopher Hitchens writes, "I hate God and God hates me." I find this interesting. How can you hate something, someone, or even the idea of something if you don't believe that that "something" even exists? And how can that non-existent something hate you if that something does not exist? See, I think atheist's shouldn't have a single thing to say about God. How can you if you don't believe in it? Not just that you don't believe in it but that you don't think there is even anything to believe in!!! How does this make sense?

And this is what we as Christians must approach with grace and understanding. Understanding in that we can't and shouldn't expect a person to live by the standards of God if they are not God's child. This is the world and time that we live in.