Just these last few days the Bush administration has orchestrated a plan to bail out big investment firms (http://finance.yahoo.com/tech-ticker/article/63460/Biggest-Bailout-Ever-Did-the-Government-Go-Too-Far?tickers=mer,bac,fre,fnm,leh,aig) and other high up corporations such as AIG (American International Group) and many others. This is all being done to the tune of at least 85 billion dollars. Whats this mean for us the taxpayers? That's right, higher taxes and to be honest whether these taxes hit me or not I think its wrong. What my government is telling me is that I can slack on my mortgage and not tend to my bills and the government is going to cut me a check and bail me out as well. I think this is insane to say the least!

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Samuel Skinner said...

Welcome to America- where we have seperate rules for the rich and poor. Both parties dropped the ball on this one- the Dems were good for a drop in regulation because it would provide "more affordable housing". I'm sure the people who lost their homes would love to hear that. The Republicans just wanted to torch the regulations on principle. It is like no one bothers to look up why the regs existed in the first place.