....written the summer of 2006

//i try to forget/try to move past/lied to and held to the desires of hell/held to and falling to the wounds of the past/this world won't let me move on//

//i want to move past/i want to press on/i want to rise above this feeling of disease/rise above/rise above/rise above//

//seeking and falling/reaching and failing/time and time over and again i seek and find the quick fix/i strive not for the right but walk in the night/light hurts these eyes that wish to see to see the face that redeemed me//

//my one desire to have one wish to loose myself from this curse/I've tasted whats real/I've felt the truth/i know what's wrong but i must choose//


CF said...

Got your text. I can't text from that phone, it's a work phone.

Anyway...I have almost finished this one. I worked on it about 30 minutes last night and got the general tune. I played the other one for Mike last night after practice. He seemed to like it, and we talked about arrangements and rhythm structure! I'm excited!

ryan said...

That's ridiculous bro! I am at a lose for words....

whitney said...

this needs to be a song ... i was already hearing it in my head... :)