A Nobel Peace Prize?!?!???!!!!!!!! For realz!?!?

What the.....I am absolutely speechless on this one!

What has he done to warrant this award? He hasn't reformed health care. He has only created a larger deficit and plagued future generations with a massive burden of debt. He hasn't gotten the troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan. In fact, he's sending more.

So what in the world has Obama done?!

It seems to me that catch words like "hope" and "change" backed with a Harvard bravado wrapped in a tailored Burberry suit get awards.

Interestingly enough I too support hope and change. I too wish to see things happen that result in good things that produce hope and eventually change things for good. Vote me in Nobel committee!!!!

Kissinger got it for helping to end the Vietnam war. Teddy Roosevelt earned it for forging a crucial negotiation that created a peace settlement in the Russo-Japanese War, and President Wilson for the creation of and advocacy for the League of Nations.

At a loss for words now. Much love to www.cnn.com for the info. I'm out!


Anonymous said...

completely agreed. news at 7 am the day of alerted me to this latest exercise in frivolity. A prize for nothing. apparently the committee said it was for attempting to promote good relations with the middle east. attempting earns you one of the highest honors in human history now. something doesn't add up.

ryan said...

It is rather insane! He "wants" and "hopes" there to be peace and prosperity. Who doesn't hope for those things? We all do right? Where's the line start???? Hand those bad boys out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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