philosophy; Is it a waste?

I am currently standing, or sitting, amongst the writings of Nietzsche, Kant, Sarte, Plato, etc...and the question that ran through my mind was, "Is this all a waste?" If all of it disappeared today, right now, would the world be hurt?

I can hear my atheist's counterparts chompping at the bit on this one. Let's hold off on more questions though and try and tackle this. It should be interesting. And as the kids across the pond say...cheers.


Lee said...

"Is this all a waste?"

Well, if you are cold you could probably burn the books to keep warm - would that be a waste?

If all of it disappeared today, right now, would the world be hurt?

Are you talking about the books or the universe?

If some god clicked his mighty fingers and the universe just disappeared - it would not make a difference. I've today, enjoyed today - what more could I have done?

Now this does beg the question why you want to believe that your mighty God actually has a place called Hell waiting for the likes of me rather than just non-existence?

As for the knowledge - if the books disappeared right now, their knowledge would remain. Very few people read the originals documents to gain the knowledge.

So - what was the question again?



ryan said...


What I am curious about is if the great works of these men disappeared right now if that would make any difference? From my reading none of it really solves anything or gets anyone anywhere except onto the next question. What good is that? And anyone who is sent to hell does it to themselves.

Lee said...

Hi Ryan,

That's the problem of philosophy... thank goodness for science :-)

As for Hell, who made it?

Non-existence is better than Hell, so if God made Hell He cannot be all-loving since a more loving option would be non-existence :-)