legalize drugs...???

I just read an article on CNN that suggests legalizing drugs. The argument is rather simple and straight forward and is spurned for the escalation in violence in Mexico.

I, in no way, endorse illegal drug use of any sort, but this makes me curious. If drugs were legalized would drug related violence stop? I think not. The fighting would simply shift gears in order to take another persons stash.

I have been perplexed however that the country I live in has legalized a substance (alcohol) that kill tens of thousands of people every year and there is seemingly nothing done about it.

I think if you get a DUI or anything of the sort you loose your privilege to drive for five years....no questions asked. Rant complete!

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Joy said...

I have to disagree with you on this one my friend. If drugs were legalized and regulated by the U.S. government there would most likely be a reduction in violence. If not here in the U.S. then certainly in Mexico...and I think that might have been what the article was pointing at (not sure if you are talking about the NRR article?). In Mexico you have different cartels battling it out over and over again. They fight for trade lines, politicians, customers, and many other things. While those who are in these gangs are affected by the violence there are thousands more in Mexico who are affected. Civilians are affected. Police officers are targeted. Politicians step down facing the threat of assassination...or they are not given the chance and killed.
If drugs were legalized and regulated though the government would be entering into contracts with these individuals. There would be a process they would have to go through and undoubtably oversight and rules. I am not saying it would be perfect. I am not even saying that I am in favor of it. I support the legalization of marajuana...but I am not sure about more harmful drugs. All I know is that the drug war is not working and a huge drain on government resources.
...The issue also involves a large amount of guns sold here in the good ole USA through gun shows that make their way to Mexico...and then their bullets make their way into the bodies of people who should not be dead. But thats a whole other issue.