What is yours?

I have had many in my short life. I have been a young beach bumb slacker from So. Cal. After that I became a Sailor and now I am a husband, son, brother, friend, artist, and a pastor. The identity however that transcends me is that of my God. Now this sounds odd. "Your identity is found in something outside yourself? How is this possible?"

To understand that you, we, must first understand love, namely the love of God. God's love is eternal. Never ceasing or relenting. It will pursue us for all of our days. And wouldn't it? God loves His own creation just like we love ours. So to understand that God's love is eternal is to understand that He is eternal. The book of First John tells us that God IS love and Love IS God. This being the case my identity is found in something eternal. Something real and something that reaches much, much further then I ever could.

My identity as a man, husband, friend, pastor, brother and son is found souly in God. His love, His eternal love, enables me to look beyond myself. It grants me the grace to look at people with a servants heart. It allows me to love as Christ loves. I am not perfect but I press on for that which has been placed before me.

My God is my identity.

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Anonymous said...

That is some good stuff my brother. Keep it coming, cause I really enjoy reading and learning from your blog.