the potential of a seed is incredible. that one seed can produce a tree, that tree an orchird, and so on. why is it that we abort the seed before it even has a chance to grow....even to be planted. we see the seed in it's infancy and don't like what we see so, and we think its the logical thing to do, we kill it.

we know of planting seeds in others, its a very common topic in the church. we know to nuture, water and cultivate those seeds in others. what about the seeds that the Lord is placing in our hearts everyday? we need to, i need to, step up more and more and cultivate the seeds that God is placing on my heart, on our hearts.

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Jonathan Cain said...

This is so true...We Christians are always trying to fight to do away with abortion which I totally believe we should but at the same time we spiritually abort gifts (seeds) that come into the church every day. When God sends something that doesn’t look the same, doesn’t sound the same or doesn’t fit our typical Christian mold we kill it. How many future evangelists have been turned away because they were too "edgy"? How many incredible worship leaders have been shelved because what they sang didn't make sense and didn't sound like what we typically do? I agree...We as the body need to start not only accepting the gifts that are in us and others but begin to pull them out of each other. Always encourage people to share what God has given them and let them know that we don't care if its weird and won't make sense at first just share it with us. The fact is that no one can do what you do. No one can be what you can be and if you don't let it out than whatever the mission (seed) was will never happen.