be the change.

we have been seeing change and growth in our church and in our community, lets keep it going. so often we complain that nothing is happening, that nothing is changing. what we fail to realize is that we are the change that is needed. what must take place is for us to step up and start something. as men and women of God we are not called to sit back and complain about what should happen, rather we are called to be a light and to make our voice heard. we need to remember that we are making our voice's heard every single day weather we say anything or not. when we keep silent to things around us that we know are wrong we scream that we don't care. however, when we step up, speak out and speak against evil God is heard! i want to encourage us all to remember that we ALL are loved more then we will ever be capable to imagine. lets continue in what we do for God and give Him all the glory.

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