4,000 dead each day. 25,000 a week. 109,000 in a month. 1.3 million a year....

....and that's in the U.S. alone.

since legislation was passed in 1973 legalizing abortion over 40 million have been killed.

it's odd how this has passed under the radar. reason being is because it's looked at as a "choice" versus a life long action/decision. when we stop or infringe on some one's choice where looked at as halting there freedom, which i agree with. but what about when someone else's life is on the line? i do understand that that woman is the mother of that child and she, like all of us, have right over our bodies. i do also understand that that woman made the choice to engage in sexual activity, (which leads to pregnancy) thus demonstrating her maturity, or immaturity, in her individual decision making. at any rate, she made a choice. (
now in cases of rape and or molestation i would argue the point of still having the child to give that child a chance. some will state the case of it being to painful for the mother, good point. however, that child shouldn't have to pay for someone elses action. Just over 1% of all abortions in the United States happen as a result of rape: Torres A and Forrest JD, Why do women have abortions? Family Planning Perspectives, 1988, 24(4):169-176. http://abort73.com/index.html) by making this choice she also, so we should hope, understood the potential ramifications of it. here in lies the crossroads of the problem. people only want the feeling and do not think further ahead to what the potential consequences could be. so the question remains, why should an unborn child have to be put to death due to one's poor decision making?

lets talk about the word choice some more. if someone rapes another person and while standing before the judge in an attempt to justify that action taken they say, "What?! My body my choice! right???" wrong we would say, right? right! in our criminal, social and ethical (how ever loose the ethics might be) society when you make any decision that hurts or effects the well being of another person in any way shape or form you are in direct violation of that persons right to freedom and choice. as is abortion. its an action that not only effects the woman but also effects the unborn child, who does not have the ability to speak for itself. and as basic social standards tell us this is unjust and highly unlawful.

i firmly believe that when people begin to take responsibility for our individual actions things will start to change. and when we as Christians stand up for love, truth and live our lives by the true statues of God and His word this world will be turned over.


Jonathan Cain said...

Its disturbing to read these statistics and to know that the church has accounted for 100,000's if not millions of these abortions. Barna research group says in a recent survey that 37% of Christians believe it is morally acceptable to have an abortion. Sick! When they polled Born Again Christians across the united states about the most concerning moral issues in their life this is how they ranked

1.Personal Debt 79%
Poverty 79%
2.HIV/AIDS 77%
3.Illegal Immigration 68%
4.Abortion 67%
6.content on tv 50%

We are more concerned with freaking personal debt than the 40,000,000 murders that have taken place. Where is the Separation from the world anymore? How has everything become so gray? Why is the health of the church not the highest concern? This report goes to show how self centered we are as Christians. We don't care about looking like Christ. We care about our bank accounts and how our well earned dime is going to illegals.

DA said...

Amazingly enough, the very person, Linda McCorvey who sought to have abortion legalized is now seeking to have her decision overturned.


Her decision is somewhat due to her conversion, somewhat to the research we have now that we didn't then.

I dunno, anything that has a heartbeat in the first week of conception is alive. Pretty simple stuff.

dustin said...

Whew that was a mindful of words. I agree. I didn't realize that it was right around 1%. Good post Ryan.