I had a dream this last friday night that went like so.......

I was in a store, a grocery store I believe. I was shopping around and a small family came down the aisle that I was on. They were in the middle of a conversation and the mother asked the little boy, he couldn't have been more then 8-9 years old, "Who is Jesus?" "Well," the little boy replied. "Jesus was a good guy, did good things but He's not the only way." The mother aggred. I then turned to the family and told them that, "Christ is the only way....." and that's it.

This, Relativism, is something that weighs heavly on my heart. Our society is plauged by it and the avenues of it are endless. This little boy in my dream was stating exactly what is being fed to us on a daily basis thats its okay to mix your character, your God and your destiny with this world. Oil and water. The two cannot mix, it's not possible.

Society and media are slowly, yet subtly, choking out the message of Christ and all to often we buy into it. If you call yourself a follower of Christ seperate yourself from the rest. Don't see that movie that you wouldn't take your Pastor to! Don't assosiate yourself with people who claim to be Christian yet walk as the world walks.

In our minds, thoughts, actions and words there should be no grey area in this matter.

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