us and......soda???

step 1. take a bottle of soda, now shake hard.

step 2. let said bottle of soda sit on the counter.

step 3. either A, take the lid off and let it explode or B. let it sit and go flat.

exercise complete.

so often this is how we are in life, we either explode or go flat.

if we bottle up and repress our emotions we tend to explode. the ironic thing is that the issue we are loosing our self over started out as a small thing. or, after bottling up the issue at hand, we ignore and tell ourselves, "its not a big deal, i can handle it." we then proceed to ignore it and we become flat or empathetic.

both scenarios are dangerous and i believe that we get this way because we have no stability in life. we see all of the things that we have placed our trust in and they're failing all around us. be it the economy, marriage, family and friends, or yourself. all of these things are temporary, they are going to go away. (now understand this, i am not in any way down playing the importance and significance of the things. they are all beautiful attributes to life.) someday they do come to a close. sweet! now that i have painted a dismal forecast, now what? have you thought of God. the same God that has created all that we see knows us and loves us dearly and has a plan for our lives that prevents us from loosing it or getting empathetic.

step into the peace and love of God. step into that life which YOU were created to live.