i find it interesting that we desire so badly to be free from boundaries in our lives yet we cannot even park our cars without some inanimate line on the road telling us where to park it. but we have to be free from rules! from authority and government! (read Romans 13) "you can't/won't hold me back!" we shout as we drive down the road being guided by lines, that keep you held into a certain area....that keeps you from harming yourself or others. interesting.

boundaries are in place for our protection. to the ones how have the hope of things yet to come (ref. Hebrews 11:1, http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=hebrews+11:1) we see these boundaries in our lives as being the Hand of God, lovingly directing and guiding us. to the ones that have YET to obtain their hope they sum these things up to random selection, evolution, and "oops it just happened that way!"

its nice to know that God has me and that the Creator of all has a vested interest in my life and every life (ref. Psalm 139, http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=psalm%20139;&version=31) and cares about my future.


David Clark said...

so i was obsessed (sp?) with driving on the opposite side of the road when i was a senior in high school. My english teacher and I would always talk about it. then one day i decided to do it. i made it about 1/2-3/4 of a mile before someone came the other way. the funny thing is that when we don't live within set boundaries we either 1. get seriously hurt or 2. force someone else out of their boundaries. that car had two choices. it could run smack into me or it could turn to either side. i decided to get back in my lane and within my boundaries. good thing it wasn;t a cop i guess. :)

Lloyd Family said...

Hey Ryan! Great post! ((and on the heels of "David Clark's" comment, Kevin has 1st hand experience {and subtle evidence on his forhead} of point #1! Total miracle of God in his life that the evidence isn't more evident!! That's right... Mr. Lloyd...playing chicken at the tender age of...maybe 17? - before Christ entered the scene of course!)) Love reading your stuff!