so is it....

....that we have the free will to choose God or is it that we are pre-destined to choose God?


whitney said...

free will. if we are pre-destined where is the free will in that? what is the point of all this if there is no free will?

ryan said...

good point but i see them working hand in hand.

i think that God predestined all of us to His will, but we have the choice.

we can easily liken this to a teacher and a student. any good teacher is going to equip his/her students with the appropriate matierals and tools to accomplish the class with straight A's for the year. however, the teacher's preperation only extends as far as the students parcipitation. if the student doesn't engage in the class, fails to complete the assignments and all out ingnores the instruction of the teacher he/she (the student) will fail. now, this teacher, cannot force the desired education upon the student, thats simply not learning.

and as we know no gift of our God is forced.

thanks for the input Whit, keep it up. i dig the bloggin!

Havok said...

What do you mean by "free will" (which I assume is implied by your free choice)?