fire hydrants and shadows

there is a fire hydrant across the street, its silver and it has a shadow. while looking at this hydrant the other night God spoke to me and it, i believe, was and is very poignant.

this hydrant, i noticed, has a shadow. and just like every other shadow there are certain similarities. all shadows are a "cut out" of the original. depending on where the light hits the object they can be the same height and width as the object. now if someone tried to convince you that this shadow had the exact same qualities and value as the main object you would assume this person to be crazy. the shadow serves no purpose beyond that of telling you where the object has taken up space, that's it.

when we as people are living our lives outside of our Creators (God) design and plan we are this shadow. the same applies. if you walked up to someone and told them that there shadow held the same validity in life this person would not only assume you were crazy they would tell you as well. i think that there is a sort of catch though. when we are living in our shadow of our true self we really don't know it. see, the enemy, who is satan, will do everything in his power to try and keep us living outside of God's plan because he knows full well what we (you) were truly created for. he knows that when we submit ourselves to the Master Author the true writing of our lives begins and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. think of it this way. to truly understand a song, poem or play you would go to the author, right? of course. God is this author of our lives. however, you can still run wild on this stage we call life and be completely unaware that you missed your cue. this is due to the fact of our pride, we are convinced that we can do it ourselves. however, how foolish would that actor look on stage if he did not follow the script and all of the other's did?

among many others this is the offering of Christianity, clarity of life. wouldn't it be hard to live as that shadow of the object yet still desire with all of you to be the actual? i'm not going to suppose that this is Christianity in it's entirety because it is not. i believe it is as individual as the individual. however we cannot be someone that we were not created to be and wouldn't it be nice to be the self that you created to be. how else do you, could you, be that self away from your true Creator?

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