bitter coffee and sin.

let me start this out and make it very clear that i am not saying that coffee is sin, that's just dumb and anyone who knows me would agree that i should own stock in Starbucks with the coffee i go through. i'm simply using it as an analogy, so relax and enjoy that cup o' joe.

coffee, it is great. i, like many people, are drawn to it. i love the aroma, the taste and i have many memories tied into it. but, there is a problem. 95% of the coffee is great, then there is the last 5% that is wretched. its rough. and for anyone that drinks it with some regularity can back me up on this. if you let that coffee get slightly cool its going to be nasty towards the last sip. its going to leave a bitter, nasty taste that lingers in your mouth. no good i say!

now lets go to sin. sin, particularly of the flesh, is like this. sweet, aromatic, enticing, and pleasurable. then towards the end it suddenly turns into this hideous mass of pain, discomfort and shame. by this time its often to late to stop, so we think. (it's horrible to realize that death has been, and is daily, delivered to us in such an enticing way that we cannot help but to peer in.) the enemy will tell us to continue, to see "it" through. our flesh will echo the same. when the feeling or sensation flows over into the nerves, that overflow is the consummation; when the anguish flows over, that physical symptom is the crowning horror.

sin is deceptive. satin is the great liar and deceiver. his ultimate goal is to kill us (john 10:10) and to see us robbed of who God made us to be. so just as that last sip of coffee can all to often be bitter so the same with sin. we train ourselves to get "used to it", to adjust. when this takes place we are only fooling ourselves.

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Lloyd Family said...

Great analogy Mr. Gibb! I love it. Eloquently put. In the java-realm...from my many years of life and coffee - can I offer a cutelittletiny piece of advice? Pour less in your cup! (told ya it was cute.)