Socialism, Obama?, RVA and freedom of speech.

on the side of a club here in downtown Richmond is a banner of Obama with his face painted like the joker and the word "socialism" beneath it (rvanews.com). the local NAACP is screaming racism and people are demanding it be taken down.

in feb of 2007 this club was raided by local law and code enforcement officials. inside was found child porn, illegal fire arms, drugs and a vast collection of other things. after the hearing of the club owner he was given probation and posted bail.....that's it. nothing more and nothing less.

what is bothersome is that people are more torn up about an act of freedom of speech then child porn, illegal fire arms (that could have been used for who knows what!) and drugs. this is off to me.

nothing would please me more then to see this blight on RVA be shutdown. this club, and its owner, do nothing but wreck lives and deepen people in there addictions. however i don't believe that this is some act of "racism". its simply freedom of speech.

during Bush's administration he was constantly called a monkey for his large ears and everything else in the book. call out Obama for his large ears and call him a monkey and see how that goes over?! now when a black comedian made a joke about him, Bush, was he tagged a racist? certainly not! when a white person makes fun of Obama he is instantly labeled a racist. interesting.

our attention needs to shift from this poster to the real issues that plague our city and namely in this particular area of our city.

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