great blogs

there is a list on the side of my page listing some great blogs but i want to take a moment to highlight some that i love and frequent often. http://underwearandwisdom.blogspot.com/ this one belongs to David Stells. He is a great brother in the Faith and a fellow laborer, the kids got mad skills......check it out. http://sewtrashy.com/ this is Whitney Beasley's page. do yourself the favor and drop in, your cheating yourself if you don't!

http://www.suburbandissident.blogspot.com/ this man is nasty awesome. Yale grad and now a missionary in a "Red" country. he is a man that I look up to and respect. God Bless you Cole, Your in my prayers bro. http://unveiledlives.blogspot.com/ John Cain. a man of many thoughts and a great thinker. http://www.craigdyson.com/ Craig Dyson. he has been and will always be a great influence in my life. he has poured into my life and been a better then friend then i can express. God has recently called him and his wife Cara http://8406shepherdswatchdr.blogspot.com/ to Montana. we look forward with great anticipation to hear of what God is doing out there.

So these are a few people in my life that have had and continue to have a great impact on my life. I only hope that I have some positive affect on them. God Bless.

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