life right now

i find myself in an odd place right now. i do not believe that I'm stagnant in my walk or even sedentary in my thoughts i just feel slow. it is true that my life is very busy and full of friends and activity but i almost feel as if God is trying to reveal or coax me to a different place that He already is. please understand that I'm not complaining about life, not in the least. i could almost argue that its contentment that i feel rather then a variable of speed; slow. its a different kind of contentment that i feel though, its almost a factual feeling. as if God is reinforcing to me that He has been and will always remain there and everywhere for the rest of ever.

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Anonymous said...

i heard this before... thought it was kool.

contentment- being ok with where God has you, knowing he's going to bring you something better.

complacent- being ok with where God has you, and never expecting anything better.